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What My Clients Say

Nothing makes me happier than happy clients.  Grazie!

"I can't imagine how confused we would have been trying to figure out all those details by ourselves, and it would have taken us months to try."


"Clearly the B&B in Tuscany was just perfect for us, and Simonetta was a terrific hostess.  I could have happily stayed with her for another month or two.  Just loved that area."
"I know we are going to have a great trip because of you."
"The tour guide in Pompeii was quite nice and knew his stuff."
"The reminder on your packing list to take a shawl along for churches was great."
"Thanks so much for the wonderful experience!  We read the book you suggested from cover to cover, and it was great.  The Vatican was even more beautiful (Bella) than we expected."
"Your suggestions on negotiating restaurants, etc... were very helpful.."
"I regularly mention you and your wonderful assistance to family and friends."
"Rome was amazing and the hotel you suggested was just perfect for us."

Bella Italia!